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Salesforce Certified Lightning

Salesforce Certified Lightning

Our training and accreditation program gives you understanding of the fundamental topics that are covered in the Salesforce Lightning. Not withstanding boosting your income potential, getting ensured in Salesforce Lightning exhibits your insight into the aptitudes necessary to be a viable Professional. The certification approves your capacity to create dependable, high-quality results with expanded proficiency and consistency.

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A brief on Salesforce Certified Lightning

Salesforce acquainted Salesforce Lightning to help enterprises that are anticipating forward to engaging potential leads utilise various channels. Leads can encounter relatively customised individual conversations within the organisation, giving them a valuable sense of affirmation that the company is genuinely concerned about them. In the beginning, Salesforce Lightning was intended for mobile devices, after the foundation of the design framework and fulfilment of a mobile application, the desktop version was likewise brought under its range. Our training covers essential concepts of Salesforce Lightning along with building advanced components. Therefore, enlist our training program to boost your aptitudes to next level.


Before going to opt for this course, students must have the accompanying technical knowledge:

  • Good programming aptitudes in JavaScript, styling markup with CSS and HTML5.
  • It is prescribed to have experience with creating Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and Salesforce

Course’s Overview

Lightning Application Builder and the Lightning Component Framework Ease Developers and their Business Partners in consolidating customised components with AppExchange components to come up with unusual applications. By 2019, research from IDC white papers uncovers that more than a million jobs will be available in Salesforce sector. More and more companies are looking for certified Salesforce Professionals which led to expand the salary of such certified people by 30%.


After the completion of Salesforce Lightning course, an individual will:

  • Efficiently build custom, reusable Lightning segments and applications.
  • Upskill in Lightning segments and uses all through the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Build up a Salesforce1 versatile app that collects information from your organisation.
  • Clarify input forms with client-side information validation.
  • Develop applications that empower a user to deliver, read, and amend information from a Salesforce Org.

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