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Preparation Methods for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

//Preparation Methods for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

Preparation Methods for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

In today’s modern world, Amazon has a developing variety of services for their clients. One of the important cloud services provided by Amazon is Amazon Web Services (AWS). The services in the cloud are in the form of building blocks, which is used to arrange and operate an application. Normally, the services provided by the cloud work together at the outline and the applications given by the services are more escalade and advanced.

Nowadays, an AWS Certifications play a significant role in IT certification. The most leading cloud platforms are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, AWS, and Salesforce. Let see the preparation methods for AWS certified cloud certification.

Preparation methods for AWS cloud practitioner certification:

The preparation methods for any certification course are not an easy one. You must have the proper guide and path to pass the examination. The preparations paths are given below:

AWS training classes:

You have three AWS training courses, which help you to pass in the examination. There are explained below:

AWS cloud Practitioner Essentials:

This course is essential for those candidates are ready to understand the complete knowledge of the AWS cloud. The courses like AWS services, pricing, architecture, cloud concepts, support, and security are included in this session.

AWS technical Essentials:

This course will teach you about the product, AWS services, and some other ordinary solutions. If you want to resolve the issues in the IT field, you must be more efficient in analyzing the AWS services. Through this course, you can able to learn the many new things, which will help you to implement in your business.

AWS Business Essentials:

This course will help you to know about the benefits of financial profits and cloud computing and helps you to achieve business goals. You can able to learn the security and compliance concepts, that helps you to understand the AWS cloud computing.

Read the AWS certification exam guide:

If you want to get success in your examination, then you have to go through this guide, it will help you to know about the necessary areas. This guide will give you a lot of preparation methods and also provide various objectives for all the examination. It will help you to pass in the examination if you prepared with proper dedication.

Familiar in all subject areas:

While preparing for an exam, you should give a lot of efforts to understand the concepts in your subject area. You must have to utilize the recommended study material for each subject area.

Use the AWS whitepapers:

Normally, the whitepapers are created to train the candidates in a specific methodology. It includes various basic concepts such as security, economic and architecture, which will provide you a good source of information. Let see some of the AWS whitepapers concepts:

  • Overview of the AWS cloud framework
  • AWS security practices
  • Overview of AWS
  • Maximizing the value of AWS
  • Pricing works of AWS


Only the basic concepts and knowledge of AWS cloud are included in this certification exam. If you already have work experience in this field means, self-study is enough to tackle your examination. If any doubts in some concepts, you should prefer the online course to prepare your exam.

You have to utilize the proper guide while preparing for an exam. These are all the important methods have to follow to clear in AWS certification course exam.




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