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Automation testing


It is often known as mechanization testing; because it involves the use of programming instruments in order to test the application that is developed. These instruments have pre-scripted tests which are later executed so as to test the application before releasing it for the public to use.
Due to the name automation testing, sometimes it is regarded as robotized testing too. The testing devices perform a number of functions altogether. They can execute the test, disclose the results found, and compare them with the results of the previous trials. There is no fixed time and these tests can be performed at any part of the day and for any number of times.

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Owing to the fact that a lot of applications are being developed every single day, they need to be tested too before their deployment. Thus, the demand for testers in the IT sector is also surging up. Therefore, SharpenCloud is here to provide you with the prior training with the instruments required for testing applications. This will not only help you in getting more job opportunities but also advancing in your career ladder faster.

The process of automation testing

Our institute will give you the proper training in a sequential manner so as to carry out the testing in an effective manner. The following steps are included:

  • Selection of the testing tool
  • Identifying the scope for automation testing
  • Planning the test
  • Designing the layout of testing operations
  • Development of the test with the relevant instruments
  • Ensuring the maintenance of the rectified application

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