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Web Analytics


Organizations crosswise over Industry Verticals depend vigorously on Digital Marketing for Creating Awareness about items/administrations and drive Revenue Numbers. Web Analytics is the tool that not only prepares Sales/Marketing Staff with the capacity to Evaluate Digital Marketing Campaigns but also helps determine Maximum Return on Investment.

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Our Course’s Essential Aspects

Some of the essential aspects of our course are that we will provide a video recording of the sessions, live project based training, research-based training and we have a job oriented curriculum for the individuals that will enable them to have scope for their further development.

Our Course Content

Our course begins with an outline prologue to the introduction to the analysis wherein we will initiate it with sessions about analysis importance, web analysis concept, starting with google analytics, its working and so on. Moreover, some others classes are there on navigating google analytics, traffic courses, visitors and content wherein brief introductory sessions will be their on primary metrics, google analytics report, direct traffic, campaigns, site search, event tracking and technical reports.

Goals and e-commerce incorporate setting up the goals, reports of the goals and e-commerce tracking. Actionable insights mainly cover their view of google analytics report, finding actionable insights, creating the data and resources. Then, some more areas delt under this course is web analytics tools, better decision making, summing up all and mistakes to be avoided analyst makes that.

This Program is designed to help an individual gain an in-depth understanding of social media analytics that includes the Facebook insights, Twitter analytics, YouTube analytics and Social Ads analytics. An individual will learn how social CRM and analytics is redefining the sentiment analysis, text analysis and workflow management.

Benefits of our course to the individuals

  • An individual can do the comparative performance of digital marketing campaigns across all channels.
  • This course can further help an individual to have in-depth knowledge regarding the Audiences that visit the website such as age, gender, location etc.
  • An individual can use the Web Analytics to consider and calculate the amount of time website takes to get downloaded and its performance score concerning the benchmark.
  • Our course will help an individual to refer different websites & respective pages that drive traffic to individual’s site.
  • An individual will gain the knowledge to learn to use coupons, codes and offers for appropriate conversion attribution.
  • Our course will provide a better understanding of the fundamental visitor activity analysis including visitor, departure, path analysis and so on.

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