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Web Analytics

Web Analytics at SharpenCloud

Owning or having a digital channel with the data is not everything. It is the primary stage of a business model. The digital or web analytics is the challenge which helps you to transform the data into the actionable and valuable information. Later, this will act as a business tool which can be used for managing and deciding anything for your digital business.
As misinterpretation and the incorrect data can lead to any erroneous decisions which can hamper the project in future. Thus, you should always look for the structured and the planned web analytics which can be the key to boost your business.

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Reliable data sources

For the far beyond usages of the measurement tools

Web analytics always focuses on the behavior of the scenarios of the digital business. This is because it is the only reliable and valuable information for the company which has a digital facility. Nowadays, this service is not considered an amazing factor which is quite simple. It has far beyond functions that the data reporting.
The company which has a continuous growth in the online business is only obtained by the correct management. The company cannot possess a simple online feature and cannot obtain international growth too without this outstanding service. It not only helps in creating the online channel for offering online services but also enables the company in taking correct decisions for the improvisation of the business.

How does our company work?

  • We help in identifying the business objectives of the projects
  • We define clearly about the KPI of the project and its usefulness
  • With the help of web analytics, you can link the KPI with the suitable web metrics to obtain its correct measurement
  • It enhances the implementation of the suitable documents and its technical solution
  • We promote data verification
  • Obtaining quality insights from the data analysis
  • Back-office integration and programming
  • Effectiveness and improvements check

The technologies that we used for web analytics

We widely used Google Sheets, Ensighten, Firebase, Python, Tableau, and Tealium for offering this service to the clients.

Who can use this service?

The companies who are centralized on the digital projects need this service. It helps to understand the behavior of the digital channels. The risk factors and the advantageous factors which can exploit or enhance the business growth can be identified with this service.

The tools of web analytics help the company for improvising the implemented cultural data of the company. You can also get the chance of enjoying the benefits of the tool setup, and applications of the measurement of ad hoc.


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