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Tableau Training


Tableau is considered to be as one of the best business insight devices accessible in the market today.Once this Tableau training course gets completed, you will able to analyse your business better and develop highly insightful information.

Prerequisites Required

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No prerequisites are required to take up this Tableau training course, through knowledge of the R language will help in better grasping the concepts of Tableau. An individual must have Mac OSX or PC with Windows Vista or Newer or Linux. Besides this, it is mandatory to have an Internet connection to take our course.

Our Course’s Essential Aspects

Some of the essential aspects of our course are that we have a job-oriented curriculum for the individuals that will help them in their further improvement and growth. Additionally, we will provide a video recording of every session of our class and live task-based training.

Our Course Content

Our course begins with an introductory overview wherein we will initiate it with meetings about the meaning of Tableau, Features of Tableau, Top chart types in the tableau, Introduction to the various file types, the user interface in Tableau, Reorder & remove visualisation fields and so on.

Various Charts, Maps & Dashboards, incorporates the creation of different charts such as Heatmap, Box and Whisker plot, Pareto chart, Time series charts, Bullet graphs, Scatterplot, Certain other sessions are there on the Introduction to correlation analysis, Introduction to regression analysis, Scatter diagram hands-on, Pre-defined analytics, Dashboards Hands-On in Tableau, Creation of dashboards & working with the dash, Story hands-on in Tableau, Animated visualisation hands-on etc.

Then, another area dealt with in this course is the module about Data Visualization Principles that includes the Data Interpretation, Pivot Tables, Split Tables, Responsive Tool Tips, Radial & Lasso Selection, Right Click Filtering and many more.

Benefits of our course to the individuals

  • Our Course will help an individual to understand Tableau Desktop Architecture and how to use Tableau in real life
  • An individual will be able to learn about tableau statistics and Tableau interactive dashboard
  • This course will help an individual to master the Tableau Reporting, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculations, Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields
  • It would turn out to be comfortable and convenient to simplify and organise data with data connections
  • An individual will be able to learn to implement Data Aggregation and Data Blending in the tableau.
  • Understanding of R Connectivity with Tableau would become easy and systemized.
  • WWith the help of this course, an individual will gain knowledge on using R scripts in Tableau and will be able to perform real-time analytics and Tableau data visualisation.
  • This course will help in saving time by analysing tons of data and also connect to data infrastructures by using Tableau.

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