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Solidworks is simply a solid modeling CAD. It runs on Microsoft Windows similar to any other CAD tool or software. Autodesk is the manufacturer of AutoCAD, and it has designed this new product which helps in modeling the solid parts of a particular structure, and hence the name Solidworks.

In other words, it is a 3D Computer Aided Design program that facilitates the user to create drawings or designs for the solid structures. Now, more than 2 million engineers and architects are using this platform to their benefit

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And likewise, the demand has been increasing still, which calls for the set up of various institutes that offer training programs for these courses. SharpenCloud is one of the best training providers in this regard.

At SharpenCloud, you are likely to get free trial classes before you opt for the course. This helps in easier analysis of whether you are comfortable with the learning procedure as well as the instructor.

Course overview

The course of Solidworks is a robust one. Since it involves the creation of the solid structures, therefore, a lot of features are involved in the same. Getting trained in this program will help you in being acquainted with those features, as well as using them for your projects.
The following features are included in this program:

  • Features toolbar: This toolbar facilitates you to create model features.
  • Parent and child relations: These are built upon the existing features and hence the name.
  • Cutting tools: As the name implies, this tool helps in cutting the solid material model. It may be either a single part or multiple parts.
  • FeatureXpert: This tool manages the fillets and the drafts so that the design is not compromised with.
  • Boundary: It produces very high quality and accurate features that are useful for creating complex shapes for product designs in the field of medical, aerospace, etc.
  • Chamfer feature: this tool helps in creating a feature on selected faces, edges or even vertex.

Why SharpenCloud?

Sharpen is the best choice for your training in Solidworks because it provides you with the training by using the latest software and lectures by eminent instructors who are experienced and are highly skilled.
After being trained from here, you will be an efficient designer of a 3D CAD for engineering design and 3D models using various techniques and sketches that are not only effective but also user-friendly. It is no wonder that your career prospects will get a boost due to this certification.


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