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The product that is tried by testing is the phase that is known as Software Testing. The developers who develops the software is tested be the tester. The tester finds out whether development is able to match the requirements of the clients and for this the client’s requirements must be known to the tester. Apart from the knowledge of the client requirements the tester is required to have the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) which can help them get knowledge about the client requirements.

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Software Testing has many perception as in few people are of the view that testing is an easy job and a person who fails to develop should definitely opt for testing. Few people even feel that the demand for testing is less than developments and people who are not sound enough in the technological matters can perform the testing task and many other views as such.

Few More Facts On Software Testing

The main definition of software testing is that to test whether the work of the developers is matching the client requirements or not and whether it is a product with the best quality because not matter what is developed it necessary to keep a look at the product and find out whether the product quality is matching the requirements of the clients or not. Client requirements play the major role and are the ultimate that matters. Testing that is done by the testers is mainly done in two special ways namely, the Manual Software Testing and the Automation Software Testing.

Manual Testing is basically done without the help of tools and is completely done manually. The tester make the use of excel sheets to report the problems to the developers. The tools here are only the medium to transfer the problems to the developers whereas the automation testing development languages are used to perform assignments.

Why Choose SharpenCloud?

SharpenCloud is the only best institute that provides the testing training by not just theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge. SharpenCloud plays a great role in helping the developers to meet the client requirements. Our course is placement oriented we help the students get a profound job in software testing who play a great role in meeting client requirements. We provide the students with the best software testing trainers who are expert in the field and thereby successfully cater to the needs of the students.


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