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Student Training

We are one of the leading professional institutes in northern India and offer certification programs in technologies that are popular globally and meant specifically for students. With the fast changing technological scenario of the world, we offer various specialised training programs for students who desire to make it big in life. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced trainers guide students in every way and aim to turn every student into a professional. Students can choose from our professional or advanced training programs providing different certifications. Our well-formulated modules with different time durations are designed to provide in-depth knowledge in the course of their choice. Along with the theoretical knowledge, our courses also offer students practical insights into the industry. We provide them with an opportunity to work onreal-time projects and get them accustomed to the actual working atmosphere.

For the students, our unique and focused training approach enhances their confidence, improves their leadership skills and decision-making ability.By the end of the course, a student is prepared not only for his job interviews and placement but the world stage. Along with the students, we provide training for corporatealso in different industries.

Corporate Training

Technology is growing at an explosive rate today. With the fast changing technologies, organisations everywhere are facing skills gap with their employees. More than ever, companies are in need of highly qualified personnel who can take their business to the next level. A specialised training program provides an effective means to fill this skills gap and prepare employees for the rapidly changing environment. Updating the skills of their employees and helping their career advancements provides an organisation with a better skilledas well as a more efficientworkforce. It also leads to increased employee retention and employee satisfaction.

But your efforts for training employees can only bear fruits with the right training partner. We, at SharpenCloud, offer high-quality skill development courses that have a tangible impact on the performance and results of a business. Our training institute is the most reputable and experienced institute,and we have helped several clients over the years reach their goals. We are well-aware with the dynamics of today’s business environment,and our courses offer an in-depth understanding of the various challenges faced byemployees at all level of an organisation. We offer exercises and case studies fit for your industry with practical training by working on organisation’s real issues. Our professional training programs can be customised to meet client’s requirements and objectives.

Summer Training

Knowledge of the industrial environment and culture is essentialespecially if you have never worked for a professional company. Today there are graduates and degree holders everywhere in the market,butorganisations are in need of people who are creative, analytical and have in-depth knowledge and training in the working of an organisation. Organizations do not want to spend extra money on fresh graduates to enhance their skills.

We, at Sharpencloud, are continually growing and improving our training programs to the ever-changing requirements of the working professionals. Our Summer training courses enhance your skills andplace you on a better platform in the job market. The benefits you gain from our specialised coursesgive you the required start for a successful career. The benefits you stand to gain by completing our Summer training course are listed below:

  • Our dedicated training courses enhance your skills.
  • We help you gain an in-depth knowledge of your opted stream.
  • Our experienced trainers help you learn the basics of working as a team member and complete work within deadlines.
  • Our courses improve your knowledge and awareness of the working of the industrial environment.
  • Enhances your overall capabilities in handling various tasks.
  • Certificate from a reputed institute like Sharpencloud will give more weight to your resume.

Fresher Training

With technological advancements happening at a significant pace,organisations everywhere are looking to employ individuals who have the edge over other fresh graduates. Organizations prefer individuals who are creative, analytical and confident. Not many organisations are willing to spend money on the training of freshly hired employees. Organizations opt for individuals who have some experience, training and understanding of working with real organisational challenges.

We, at Sharpencloud, are aware of the changing working dynamics and culture of companies and our courses are updated for the same from time to time.We offer Fresher training courses providing training with the best of technology. We help nurture and enhance your skills and prepare you to work in any kind of environment in the future. Our conducive learning environment and our professional trainers help you gain a deep understanding of industrial concepts and working. Also, we provide our students with an opportunity to work onreal-time projects and experiments and gain an in-depth knowledge of industry challenges and work culture. Our case studies and practical training courses enhance your capability to handle different tasks at the same time. And a certificate from a well-known and professional institute would add value to your resume or Curriculum Vitae.

Professional Training

We, at Sharpencloud, offer various training and certification programs for professionals with experience. Our specially designed program providesadvance and focused training aiming at providing in-depth knowledge of the workings and fulfilling the changing organisational demands.

Organizations stand to gain a lot of advantages in supporting and providing our development training courses for their employees. These advantages can be listed as below:

  • The professional courses have an immediate effect on increasing the productivity the workforce in the organisation.
  • Employees can perform better, and they become more confidentwith training.
  • Enhanced skills lead to higher job satisfaction amongst employees.
  • Training helps build a positive image of the organisation as the organisationis seen as the one who cares about its employees.
  • This positive image of the organisation helps attract the best and highly-driven individuals to the company.
  • Continuous improvement in employee’s performance makes him feel challenged and driven. Employees do not feel any sense of stagnation in their work and therefore are discouraged to change the job. It leads to better employee retention for the organisation.
  • Training courses for the employees ensure that the best and the most capable candidates are prepared well to move up the organisational ladder.

Overseas Training

As an organisation, if you do not find the training courses that serve your purpose or the quality of the course is not as per your expectations, then, you should not compromise in this area. Training programs and courses for your employees can have a significant impact on the success of your business. And as an individual professional, there is never a shortage of jobs for trained and skilled individuals. Every organisation requires professionals who are open, analytical, creative, highly-trained and confident. Individuals preferring to acquire skills and exceptional talent can opt for overseas training courses. Overseas training courses offer individuals an opportunity to visit other parts of the world and develop their skills in a place that is better suited for their needs.

We, at Sharpencloud, offer Overseas training programs for individuals with various backgrounds and cultures and provide a perfect environment to mix and understand different cultures. Also, this enables professionals to gain a different and new perspective on doing a job. Our specially designed modules help improve your expertise in the field of your choice. Our experienced and dedicated trainers will ensure that you gain a deep understanding of your course and assist you in every way.

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