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Salesforce Apex & Visualforce Controllers Training


Salesforce Apex and Visualforce Controllers preparing to assemble a power engineer in you who can make Salesforce applications utilising Apex code toolset and the Visualforce system. This Salesforce improvement training course will give the information and abilities to assemble the applications; test and convey Apex code. Members will hone the capacities of Apex Web administrations and callouts. The salesforce advance designer is preparing covers how to test, troubleshoot, and utilise Visualforce Controllers.

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It is compulsory to have completed the building applications with and Visualforce (DEV401). Moreover, experience in developing Salesforce applications with and Visual force would be an add-on.

Our Course Content

The course starts its session with a brief prologue to the Code (Apex) wherein we will begin to with class about Introduction to the description of Apex along with different data types, testing requirements of the platform and creation of Apex web services using REST and SOAP. Also, some others classes are subsequently beginning with the manipulation of the data using the Apex DML; Apex triggers to automate the code and description of the capablitilites of custom settings.

Another module is there regarding the brief introduction to the understand the Visualforce framework, including its advantages and capabilities, usage of expressions to bind data and actions on a page to a controller, understanding the concepts behind controllers, including their functionality and capabilities. Moreover, other areas so dealt are the creation of the custom controllers, implementation of wizards using custom controllers that would ultimately help in handling the state and operations, production of custom components that use custom controllers and test, debug, and deploy controllers

Benefits of our course to the individuals

  • An individual can develop custom code.
  • This course can further help an individual to have in-depth knowledge regarding the maintenance of the security implications in custom and standard controllers.
  • An individual can use the Apex to send and receive the mail.
  • Our course will help an individual to create the wizards using custom controllers to maintain a unified view state
  • An individual will gain the knowledge to use the visual force framework, to bind data and actions on a page to the controller
  • Our course will provide a better understanding of the fundamentals of features, functions, data types and syntax of Apex.

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