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Salesforce Advanced Admin-301


Salesforce Advanced Admin 301 course has been designed for those experienced professional admisnistrattors who have keen interest in increasing their knowledge and skills about how this course can provide a clear insight about the compelling business requirements.

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The program has been designed for those individuals who have significant expertise as a seasoned Salesforce Administrator. The program encompasses thebreadth of applications, the features and functions available to an end user, and theadvanced configuration, management, and implementation extending options available to anAdministrator across the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Chatter applications.

Prerequisites Required

Salesforce Advanced administrator course does not require any specific pre-requisites. Current status as a Salesforce Administrator is a must to have for an individual. Besides this, having a fast internet connection along with computer system is absolute mandatory to take our course. We will start from creating a free salesforce developer account.

Our Course’s Essential Aspects

Some of the essential aspects of our course are that we will provide a video recording of the sessions, live task-based training and we have a job-oriented curriculum for the individuals that will enable them to have scope for their further improvement and growth. We have the Certification Based Training so designed by Certified Professionals from the significant industries focusing on the needs of the market & certification requirement.

Our Course Content

Our course begins with Extending Salesforce Key Conceptswherein we will initiate it with sessions Web services API, Web controls, Apex programming language overview, Visualforce overviewand so on. Moreover, some others classes are there that will help individuals inmanaging the data such as retrieve data, Identify and cleanse dirty data, Enter clean data, Work with storage limits and many more aspects.

Increasing User Adoption and Enhancing Productivityincorporates the concepts how to measure adoption and motivate users, use Salesforce CRM in meetings or as a sales portal, make Salesforce CRM easier to use and increase administrator productivity. Moreover, Implementing Business Processes module is also there in our curriculum that provides the knowledge regarding how to implement management mandates with workflow and formulas, Create additional applications, Extend the reach of Salesforce CRM and Audit processes.

Then, some more areas dealt with this course are the modules about theExpanding Initial Implementations and Visualforce Pages.

Benefits of our course to the individuals

  • Our Course will help an individual tomanage data to keep it clean and updated.
  • This course will facilitate the individual to increase user adoption with ways to get your users addicted towards Salesforce CRM.
  • It would turn out to be easy for an individual to enhance end-user productivity.
  • With the help of this course, an individual would learn how to implement complex business processes in Salesforce CRM.
  • An individual would be able to expand your initial implementation to make your job as an administrator easier.
  • Our course will help an individual to edge through a variety of ways to ensure the security of your Salesforce Admin-301 data.

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