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PP Training Program at SharpenCloud


The PP module of the ERP deals with the production planning and is the highest efficient module of ERP. It does the various works like expert production scheduling, potential planning, material needed for the planning of shop floor etc. The section of the needful Master data like Routing and Work Centers and Bill of Modules are taken care of by the ERP PP module of the ERP setup. The module assists productions when needed in terms of the quantities and types of the merchandise. The vital works of transportation, appropriation, and storage of the materials are done by this setup from a level of production to the other.

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Resource allowance is also done by PP which marks the completion of the production method.
SharpenCloud is well aware of the present market condition and provides the best quality training to the applicants for ERP PP. It is an organization of highest credibility which provides exposure on understanding the full job role in both initial and advanced setup of ERP PP.

Overview of the ERP PP module

There are various activities related to the planning for production and its execution. It does the work of processing of orders, MRP planning production, the Information system of production etc.

A broader aspect in terms of the review of ERP PP production is covered by the module. The course is widely focused upon the mostly used ERP PP projects.

The SAP HR tainting provided at SharpenCloud can be of extensive help to achieve the SAP HR certificate.

The availability of the following sub-modules is also there:

  • Demand Management
  • MRP
  • Planned Production Offers
  • BOM
  • Customization

SharpenCloud’s ERP PP Training- A clear road leading to a high flying career

  • SharpenCloud is always keen to SAP training which is focused on placement. The course we provide contains the most primary aspect of the advanced aspects of SAP training. One can easily get a placement in the leading MNC organizations.
  • We have an excellent set of highly qualified professionals working as SAP instructors for us. They have an extensive knowledge about the needs of the market and the recent projects of the SAP.
  • Every activity of the SAP PP module is covered in-depth in our course. The applicants will be able to understand various things like Expert Planning, Expert Data Summary, Scheduling Procedure, Capacity Planning etc.
  • Classroom courses are offered by us.
  • The trainers we have to make the main difference in our excellence. Self-placed workouts are also offered by us.

Our course fee for the SAP PP module comes keeping in mind about the requirement of every student.


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