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Manual testing


Manual testing is a type of software testing, where the testers execute various tests without the help of any mechanical device. It is the most core type of testing software and this helps in the detection of bugs in the product.

Manual testing is the foremost requirement after the production of an application, that it should be manually tested and tried before the results are computerized. However, it doesn’t require a prior knowledge of any testing instrument.

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In case, there is an error in the product, then the application engineer deals with the problem by retesting the deformities in order to guarantee that the imperfections are rectified. The main objective of manual testing is to ensure that the application that is developed is flawless and works fine to give the desired results to the clients.

However, testing the products includes certain steps to be followed so as the check the deformities in the same and this training are provided by SharpenCloud in the most effective manner.

Tricks of manual testing

The testing of a product or application involves the following strategies that are to be carried out in a sequential way as represented:
Analyzing the main requirement of the product

  • Drawing up a test plan
  • Creating a test case
  • Executing the test case
  • Logging the defect after identification
  • Fixing the deformity as required
  • Re-verifying the product

Thus to carry out testing and the rectification in a professional manner, you need a proper training course, which is why SharpenCloud should be your first choice because we provide the trainees with the latest infrastructure for effective learning.

Types of manual testing

Testing has a definite step to be followed; alongside, several kinds of testing are also carried out. They are mentioned below:

  • Acceptance testing
  • White box
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Black box

Therefore, it can be seen that even though testing might seem simple at the first glance, it encompasses a lot of components within. And all of these are gaining huge importance today. Owing to the development of a huge number of applications for reducing complexities in the day to day lives, the clientele is becoming more demanding in nature.

We at SharpenCloud have the best instructors and our labs are equipped with the latest versions of the software and relevant technologies to provide the best training to the individuals so that they can stand out in the crowd with a certification in this course.


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