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Hadoop training program at SharpenCloud


SharpenCloud is one of the best institutions for Big Data Hadoop training and courses in India. Our institute reinforces experienced Hadoop instructors for the training of the students who are willing to reconstruct their career path with this exceptional field. The trainers are there to provide the information about the analysis of a big data through Hadoop.

This course is specially designed for those who want to take a responsible job profile in Big Data. Generally, Hadoop is like an Open Source Framework that enables the data to form clusters with the help of Distributing Storage Processing.

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All the data are clustered and written in the JAVA format. Whenever the Hadoop hardware failed its capability the processing should be done by the Framework.

There are two parts of a Hadoop-HDFS (Hadoop Distributing File System) or commonly called Apache Hadoop and the Map Reduce. It mainly works on the modules those are given below:

  • HDFS
  • Hive
  • Hadoop Yarn
  • Hadoop Common
  • Hadoop Map Reduce

The modules covered in this course

  • Pig Latin and Pig
  • HBase, Zookeeper, NoSQL Databases etc….
  • Hadoop Installation Manual
  • Data Loading and Hadoop Cluster Configuration
  • Advance MapReduce and YARN (MRv2)
  • AHadoop MapReduce Framework

There is no doubt that with the invention of new and advanced technologies, communication means and devices (especially Social Networking Sites), the production of the quantity of the data has been increased a lot. Thus, the data is needed to be arranged in an order. In case of very large data, Relational Database is required. This requirement is for thousands of devices.

The function of Hadoop

Hadoop is there to deal with these data. It consists of various tools, frameworks and techniques to handle this data carefully. If you know the theoretical concept then you can easily manage this data. This software framework has distributed storage for storing the data, there is also distributed processing that helps in the sorting of the data.

Why SharpenCloud?

SharpenCloud offers the students with best training facility on Hadoop and Big Data. Our institute has experienced Hadoop experts for the analytical process. They provide the training in such a way that when you are appointed for the job you can show your excellent performance. SharpenCloud has many alumni who are skilled in this particular field and use the concept and practical formula for solving the problems and sorting out the huge quantity of data that is produced on a regular basis.


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