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FICO Training at SharpenCloud


FICO is a mixture of modules of ERP R/3 consisting of the mixture of ERP FI and ERP CO modules. It is also known as ERP finance and control. The CO module is related to income and price for planning idea, faction examination and reporting of the company. The FI relates to finance and accounting.

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More Features about the course

The evaluation of the economic position can be instantly done as traditional systems are taken into comparison where no real-time process prevails. This happens as the modules of the ERP have operated in real-time for immediate modification of the new happening activities.

The FICO module is designed in such a way that they fulfill the external reporting requirements by confining the dealings of the company. Pre-delivery of the local legal considerations are done in the process and as per utility the papers of numerous organizations of different nations and currencies.

One is able to choose any financial deal in terms of the income and allowance development and purchase and supervision on materials. It also helps in drilling down to the transaction which is accessible in cases of a sales order, purchase order or material association.

The FICO module is able to face any financial condition due to the gentleness of the finance device business structure. Irrespective of the size and variations of the company, the FI module can work efficiently to maintain reporting and financial postings.

Training of FICO ERP at SharpenCloud

  • We have a number of experts who provide the best training of SAP FICO. They have years of experience in working with SAP FICO for the leading MNCs.
  • Market needs are always concentrated upon by us while providing the training for the SAP FICO more realistically. The instructors provide online training, classroom training and business service training relating to SAP FICO.
  • Our curriculums are largely based on real-time requirements of the market. Both beginner and advanced level training is provided in personal and fast track setups.

Certification of SAP FICO training

At SharpenCloud we provide the candidates with the best training and certification. Our students get the opportunities to clarify all their problems in the classroom. The courses are taught in a professional way with the aim of a good placement. All the courses carry very reasonable costs.


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