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DevOps at SharpenCloud

DevOps is a great combination of tools, practices, and cultural philosophies that help in increasing the ability of an organization for delivering services and applications at a high velocity. It is associated with lots of improved and evolved products at a quick pace.
Our organization uses processes of infrastructure management and Traditional Software Development. The speed helps us to serve our clients with the best services so that we can be able to compete with the international market effectively.

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Our key capabilities

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Containers of Amazon Web Service
  • Education and Training Support
  • Automation
  • DevOps Technologies, Processes, and Tools

DevOps Acceleration

We dedicate our most time to innovate our services for our clients. We have hired an expert team who are master in delivering the rapid applications reliably. It helps you to respond quickly to your clients at the same time.

DevOps Optimization

We use on-demand resources, technologies, and infrastructures so that our team can help you to start the automation processes quickly. Moreover, with our services, you can be able to be more agile and can scale the processes easily at any time.

DevOps Evolution

If you are looking for DevOps for your dream project, then you can choose SharpenCloud undoubtedly. We have specialized in in-depth delivery of the education and training of this particular process. This will help you to create a continuous flow in the growth and success of your organization.

Why DevOps?

Different companies have started using this technology for accelerating productivity growth and to possess delivery at a quick pace. It is the only technology which helps the organization to get a better business result in this competitive world. The team hired by us in specialized in delivering the Certified Professional Consulting and Education. This will help you to adopt the processes, technologies, and tools of this service rapidly.

The evolution of cloud architectures

With the sudden growth of the DevOps technologies and processes, you can get a clear visibility in the cloud environment architecture.

Leverage the compliance expertise and in-depth security of SharpenCloud. We use the latest technological tools such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) which helps you to get control over your own resources.

Automated processes or manual tasks are best for developing this technology quickly and efficiently. It includes the procedures of test workflows, deployments, configuration management, and container management.

Built for scale
This one is reliable for making the most computer resources flexible. It works effectively on scaling, configuration, and provisioning.


We will not let you stay in dust and hence have started offering the Cloud security and support management which will help you to manage regular IT operations.


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