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Development service

Development service at SharpenCloud

If you want to deploy, develop or design any application, then you can hire the programmers’ cohesive and experienced team of SharpenCloud. We have boasted a pool with a number of deep talented technology experts who are industry-specific. They are always ready to offer the development services of the application development demanded by you.

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Mobile App Development Services

We possess the development of the enterprise-class and scalable Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. They are loaded with the native features of the hybrid and cross-platform apps. Some leveraging tools developed by us are Adobe PhoneGap, Ionic, and Xamarin.

Web Application Development Services

For obtaining widespread success, web-based apps require consistent functions. Thus, we prioritize scalable, dynamic front-ends and an organized backend which can be helpful for developing microsites, e-commerce solutions, and others. Enterprise automation apps and web portals are also included in this list.

As-a-Service Applications

The cloud-based apps future is depended on the web services. There are many web services like Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which are responsible for the development of these applications. Our hired team of cloud development is master in this architecture. They are also skilled for creating web protocols such as XHTML, REST and SOAP.

Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

The applications for the desktop which are categorized as the cross-platform and the OS-optimized like Linux, MacOS, and Windows are programmed by us. Leveraging of the versatile applications of the desktop is developed by our company. We offer the development services for enhancing graphics and in robust the security standards for improving its performance.

App Programming Expertise

If you feel the need for any custom app for your business development endorsement, then you can contact us. We have hired the providers who are exceptionally skilled in simplifying the internal processes, with its unique service. Both the backend languages and the frontend languages can be handled by our programmers too. The database management systems can also be controlled by you. Therefore, you can enjoy the HTML, CSS, Jave, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and others.

Enterprise-Class App Solutions

The hirable team of our company is loaded with talented specialists who are mastered in technology. Most of them possess experience in various industries. The fields in which they have gained the experience are diverging which include the banking service, telecommunication, real estate, hospitality, retail, healthcare and so on. Our development services help in developing the apps those are reliable for accelerating the workflow of the SCM, CRM, and the ERP.


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