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Bulk Email & Message training program at SharpenClouds


With the advent of internet, Google advertisement has taken over the market. If you have no knowledge regarding PPC campaigns and is unable to look for ways to begin your pay per click campaigns then leave it to us. We will train you the most effective ways to plan your PPC campaigns. Google holds monopoly over digital marketing and we will teach you methods of mobile or movie marketing.

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Training at SharpenCloud for Google Ad words

Our training sessions are meant to change your overall concepts regarding pay per click advertising. The main objective of our training program is to ensure that you gain an in-depth knowledge regarding Google advertising. With the help of this course, you will be able to create, develop and implement PPC marketing methods in your business. The PPC training will comprise of display, search, video and mobile. We can give you complete assurance that our training programs will definitely bring changes in your ad campaigns thereby allowing you to increase your profit margins.

The main motive of this PPC training is to make you fully prepared for obtaining Google AdWord certification. You will get to know about the techniques that are used by professional to conduct good advertising.

At SharpenCloud, we ensure that our trainees are able to assimilate latest industry trends and evolve their marketing strategy. Our trainees get an opportunity to conduct research on Google advertisement. Here the trainers are professional and they are all Google certified. They are known to increase and develop your knowledge base on both Microsoft and Google.

What are the training objectives?

Here is a list of objectives that are to be fulfilled after undergoing training course on Google Ad words that is conducted by SharpenCloud.

  • Obtaining thorough knowledge regarding different types of Google advertisements for empowering brand.
  • Increasing capability of mastering different Google resources and become an expert.
  • Increasing knowledge base regarding bidding methods so as to obtain good returns on marketing investment.
  • All types of Google Ad words test like search certification, mobile certification, fundamentals of Ad words, display certification and video certification are covered in this training program.

We at SharpenCloud foster a classroom environment for undertaking the training. The trainees will get enough opportunities to interact with the trainers. We are known to provide latest study materials and case studies for helping our trainees to develop their skills. SharpenCloud offer six week training or six month training in Google Adword. Both an amateur and an expert will not be disheartened with the training rather they will learn excusive tips that can help them to bring a boom to their business.
This course is suitable for both traditional as well as digital promoters who intend to learn new ways to advertise their business.


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