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Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery at SharpenCloud

Azure Site Recovery Service offers the backup facility of data with minimal disruption. This backup and recovery service of our company is enhanced with low downtime and high-availability. We are providing you with the facility of replicating the data to any other server at a close of the real time.

You can replicate your data on the other premises of the Microsoft Cloud too. It is widely accepted due to the unexpected feature of it. It helps you to enjoy the uninterrupted and secured accessibility of the data during any natural disaster.

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The two types of replication

There are only two types of replication processes for backup and recovery service. They are on-premise to Azure and on-premise to on-premise.

The on-premise to Azure Replication
In this type, the data are copied to Azure from on-premise. The processes which are performed are centralized on the two data channels- Azure Storage and Source VMM Server. The site recovery manager of Microsoft Azure starts this process of orchestration from the Source VMM Server to Azure Storage.

The on-premise to On-premise Replication
There are also two data channels in this particular type of the replication process. They are termed as Primary Site and Secondary Site. The process of replication orchestration is also started here by the site recovery manager of the Microsoft Azure.

SharpenCloud meets your demands for backup and recovery

The prime component of any business is its data. In this generation, where everything is going online and the rate of cybercrime has been increasing day-by-day, you will be unable to provide 100% assistance in securing your data online. Thus, the reliable backup is needed for the recovery of the data after formatting the computer and Smartphone. The backup and recovery offered by our company help you to store your data securely which can be accessed during any natural disaster.

SharpenCloud IT has been specialized in the technical knowledge of deployment, backup and recovery, and the operations. This service can be enjoyed at the virtual machines, servers, laptops, and even in desktops. It will store the data in Azure Cloud securely and SharpenCloud will remove the capital investment to restore service, backup and space and hardware. We are the best company in the country for offering this facility by securing your data and offering its accessibility at any time and from anyplace just when you feel the necessity of it.
SharpenCloud covers a plethora of workstations, operating systems, and servers which can open wide choices for you. They are best for system-by-system basis and can cut cost for different business levels.


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