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AWS SysOps Administrator Associate

There is no denial of the fact, how pleasingly Amazon is strengthening its pace over the eCommerce world. Needless to state the tech giant holds the position of largest Internet Retailer in the world in terms of revenue and market capitalization.

When speaking of Amazon, we must not leave behind the very trending “Amazon Web Services”.

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Why must you know about AWS? has launched its subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS) which offers cloud computing platforms to the companies, Individuals and governments, not to mention on a paid subscription basis and that is on-demand.

AWS not only allows the subscribers to possess a full-fledged virtual cluster of computers that are available all the time (via the Internet) but also leverages many attributes of a real computer including CPU(s), GPU(s), local/RAM memory, hard-disk/SSD storage etc.

AWS brings along the options of operating systems; networking and pre-loaded application software such as- web services, databases, CRM etc.

Wish to excel in AWS?

Well, you would be delighted to know that Amazon has opened its door for all following the principle of “one for all”- adhering to which it conducts an exam.

However, in order to cut down your research we have listed down all the course and exam details covering “AWS SysOps Administrator Associate” below.

All you need to know about AWS SysOps Administrator Associate-

Starting with- the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate exam consists a total of 60 multiple choice questions (MCQs) with needs to be covered within the time duration of 80 minutes.

The first section of the paper is said to comprise of metrics related queries.
Holding a total of 15% it would revolve around questions like- Demonstrating the ability to monitor availability, performance and manage billing and cost optimization processes.

The other section would deal with the availability, scalability and, elasticity based on the circumstances. Holding the weight of 15% it would also deal with the level of fault tolerance based on enterprises needs.

Moving further, the other part of the paper would test your “analytical skills” for which our course would cover up topics dealing with “optimization of the environment to ensure maximum performance”, “identifying downside of performance and implementation of ways to drive traffic”.

Another 15% of the section would consist of deployment and provisioning, wherein you will be demonstrated about the ability to build the environment to confirm to the architected design and manage implementation automation.

Coming on to the data management segment, it will- demonstrate the ability to create backups for different services, the ability to enforce compliance requirements and manage backup as well as disaster recovery processes.

Are you wondering about the queries related to security? Well, this module of our course would deal directly deal with implementation and management of security policies, ensuring data integrity and accessing controls when using the AWS platform, understanding of the the ability to prepare for security assessment use of AWS and all its shared responsibility model.

The last and the crucial segment of the course contains the “networking part” which deals with the ability to implement networking features and connectivity features of AWS

That was all about AWS SysOps Administrator Associate course module. When are you planning to start it off?


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