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AWS Partner Program

AWS Partner Program at SharpenCloud

SharpenCloud is the authorized partner of AWS Partner Program. It helps in highlighting the organization for AWS Service Delivery Program. APN which is the short term of the AWS Advanced Partner Network keeps the tracks of the delivering quality which is associated with the AWS services and its customers.

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Proven experience

We have demonstrated the optimal strength and focus in this specific area so that we can achieve the status of AWS Partner Program. Thus, we have become a master in the field of customer references of the skill-centered on-going training program.

Amazon CloudFront content delivery services

Amazon CloudFront helps us to possess a secured international network of content delivery which is short termed as CDN. As we are one in the AWS Partner Program, thus if you collaborate with us, you can get the facility of sharing applications, large data, videos, and others viewers in a high transferring speed yet in a low latency.

The Amazon CloudFront helps you to enjoy the outstanding ways which have been developed by us for reducing costs, accelerating content, and optimizing performance.

  • API acceleration
  • Caching of Static Asset
  • Key AWS Services Deep Integration
  • DDoS Protection and Security
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

AWS Competency

Microsoft workload solutions
SharpenCloud has long years of experience in management, deployment, design, and migration on the applications which are based on Microsoft. Leveraging AWS Cloud helps our clients to deploy, scale, and build Microsoft applications securely, easily and quickly. Moreover, it is cost effective at the same time.

Why customers trust SharpenCloud?
As we are among one of the AWS Partner Program, the job role of the SharpenCloud has been checked, verified and approved. We are committed to the clients to help them in minimizing risks, accelerating the required changes and maximizing productivity which helps in making your company one of the leading companies in the world.


As our customers are valued by us, the security of the customers is also our responsibility. We help in securing, monitoring and managing the customers’ cloud so that they can easily meet the industry requirements and security goals. We promote the security in the following services:

  • Network Architecture Maintenance and Design
  • Compliant of NYS DFS, HITRUST, FedRAMP, SOX, PCI, and HIPPA
  • Secured Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Incident Monitoring and Management
  • Critical Security Update and Emergency Security Patch

DevOps Automation

According to us, the collaboration and the communication are the two most vital things which deploy us to prove you with the best solution. The services you can be able to enjoy with AWS Cloud are given ion the following:

  • Automation of Code Deployment
  • Management Controls and Automated Governance with tools of AWS such as AWS Config, ASW Inspector, and AWS EC2 Systems Manager
  • The container of Cluster build and management
  • Security, User Access and Infrastructure management

We offer Database Automation

Sometimes the database platform you are owned needs experts’ dedication those will help you to arrange your data by maintaining, supporting, managing and monitoring your data seamlessly. In this particular service of AWS Cloud, we are offering you to get control over,

  • Disaster backup and recovery
  • Cluster designing
  • Consolidation and platform migration
  • Monitoring of performance


We will not let you stay in dust and hence have started offering the Cloud security and support management which will help you to manage regular IT operations.


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