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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

A Glance at AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have already conquered the world of digitalisation and e-commerce by every means. Not only AWS is a secure cloud service, but it is also known for offering excellent database storage; power computation and elite content delivery. Thus, helping e-commerce scale and grow by necessary means.

AWS is not only helping patrons and enterprises. But it also extends its hands in shaping generations via offering tremendous job opportunities.

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As with anything, your expertise is evaluated via your exam scores. Considering which the AWS organises an AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional Exam.

A brief on AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam

The Exam is said to be conducted for 90 minutes, comprising a total of 60 Multiple Type Questions (MCQs).

However, the candidate needs to have at least 65% to clear the examination.

Security, Scalability and Elasticity for Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam

The Security, Scalability and Elasticity count for a total of 19% and 15% weight of total syllabus respectively.

This section of the course helps aspirants with the perk of gaining knowledge regarding the designing of information security management systems and compliance controls, security controls with the AWS shared responsibility model and global infrastructure etc. Moreover, it covers the access management controls and design identity along with demonstration of the ability to design a loosely coupled system, implement the most appropriate front-end scaling architecture and middle-tier scaling architecture.

Data Storage

Needless to state that another 15% of the examination deals –

  • To showcase the ability to make architectural trade-off decisions involving storage options
  • To showcase the ability to make structural trade-off decisions affecting database options
  • To showcase the ability to implement the most appropriate data storage architecture
  • Determine use of synchronous versus asynchronous replication

High Availability and Business Continuity

Effectively, another 15% of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam syllabi comprise the following section of High Availability and Business Continuity Salesforce. It covers:

  • To determine the ability to architect the appropriate level of availability based on the requirements of stakeholders.
  • To showcase the ability to implement DR for systems based on RPO and RTO.
  • Determine appropriate use of multi-Availability Zones vs. multi-Region architectures

Deployment Management

Deployment Management covers the minor part of the syllabus for the exam, i.e., 10% of the curriculum. It includes:

  • Ability to deal with the lifecycle of an application on AWS.
  • Demonstrate capacity to actualise the correct architecture for development, testing, and arranging conditions.
  • Position and select most suitable AWS deployment component based on the situation.

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