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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

With the rapid increase of Internet users, the eCommerce empire has outreached its presence in almost every corner of the globe.
Moreover, denying the use of Internet has almost become irresistible. And why should you even consider abstaining yourself from its use? Internet plays such an immense role in taking people to heights.
One such exquisite exemplification of Internet portraying numerous stories from “rags to riches” is “Amazon”..

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Amazon is helping millennials transform their lives!

Do Amazon and Amazon Web Services go hand in hand?’s subsidiary Amazon Web Services offers cloud computing platforms on demand. These Cloud platforms can be availed by Government, Companies or Individuals who are willing to pay for the services.
You would be glad to acknowledge the fact that Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises of more than 90 services as per 2017.

A Sneak peek at AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional curriculum:

With a total of 60 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional exam comes within a time limit of 80 minutes.

The aspirant must meet the requirement of at least a 65% in order to clear the examination.

However, in order to ease all your complexities, we have brought up this exclusive curriculum.

Since 55% of the difficulty deals with process automation and continuous delivery. To deal with the same our elite course includes demonstration and understanding of application lifecycle management.

Via providing in depth knowledge of application deployment management strategies such as rolling deployments and A/B along with bootstrapping, testing and version control.

The 20% of the difficulty revolves around- Dealing with monitoring, metrics and logging. To deal with the same, our exceptional course covers exemplary information about leveraging the AWS SDKs, CLIs and APIs.

It also helps you gain knowledge about the use of  metrics to drive the scalability and health of infrastructure and applications.

Our exclusive course also aids you with aggregation, analyzing infrastructure, Operating Systems and application log files.

Does security, validation and governance scare you?

Well, we won’t boast much but our course details include sections which are purely revolves around implementing and managing Identity and Access Management along with security controls.

We also help you explore implementing and managing protection for data in-flight and in rest via our  AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional exam course.

Much of its part is also dependent upon implementing, automating and validating cost controls for AWS resources.

It also facilitates you with insights about--

Determining appropriate use of multi-region architectures versus multi- Availability Zone.

Implementation of  most appropriate front-end scaling architecture and the self-healing application architectures

With covering up almost all the modules- we help you in providing with everything under one roof.

Your knowledge has always been our concern and so we do help you become an expert in Amazon Web Services (AWS) via providing in-depth knowledge of each and every segment.

What are you waiting for? Enroll and leverage our the benefit of becoming a master of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional- TODAY!


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