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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional


The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional is the next course that AWS certified DevOps Administrators and Developers must go for. It imparts technical expertise in managing, provisioning, and operating distributed application systems on the AWS platform.

Prerequisites Required

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The prerequisites that is required for this course is that an individual must have achieved AWS Certified Developer – Associate and must have two or more years’ experience provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments. Besides this, it is mandatory to have experience in developing code in at least one high-level programming language and automation and testing via scripting/programming.

Our Course’s Essential Aspects

Some of the essential aspects of our course are that we will provide a video recording of the sessions, live task-based training and we have a job-oriented curriculum for the individuals that will enable them to have scope for their further improvement and growth. Further on, our course curriculum approved by Hiring Professionals of our client, post-training support will also be offered to help the individuals to execute the knowledge on client projects. We have the Certification Based Training so designed by Certified Professionals from the significant industries focusing on the needs of the market & certification requirement.

Our Course Content

Our course begins with an introductory session on core concepts wherein we will initiate it with meetings about continuous integration, deployment, its types, AB Testing and so on. Moreover, some others classes are there on CI/CD/Automation wherein brief introductory sessions will be there on the cloud formation Primer, Structure, Intrinsic Functions & Conditionals, Stack Creations etc.

Monitoring/Metrics/Logging incorporates the conceptual knowledge on the Cloudwatch Basis, Cloudwatch Custom Metrics, Cloudwatch Alarms, Cloudwatch logs, Cloudtrail, Real-Time Log Metrics and many more.

Then, some more areas dealt with this course are the modules about the High Availability, Elasticity, Security, Governance, Validation and Operations.

Benefits of our course to the individuals

  • Our Course will help an individual in implementing and managing continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS 7.
  • With the help of this advanced course, an individual would learn to understand, implement and automate the security controls, governance processes.
  • It would turn out to be easy for an individual to define and deploy monitoring, metrics and logging systems on AWS.
  • This course will help in implementing a system that is highly scalable and available on the AWS platform
  • Our course will help an individual in designing, managing and maintaining tools to automate the operational process.

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