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AutoCAD is Computer Aided Design software that is used for creating blueprints of bridges, buildings, and other structures including computer chips too. As of now, AutoCAD has provided with the ease of creating structures for the engineers and architects or even project managers without any complications or barriers.
Our institute SharpenCloud offers training courses for AutoCAD in both 2D and 3D versions. The designing on this platform is not at all an easy task. It needs some of your inbuilt capabilities apart from simple training. For instance, visualizing; this cannot be trained to you if you do not come up with it on your own. However, there are certain tricks and strategies which are shared with the candidates who take training courses here.

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Our course structure follows the following pattern:

Introduction to AutoCAD
This is the first module of our training program wherein you will be introduced to the concept of the software and its applications. After the theory, you will be made to show the software for convenience and for a better understanding of its functionalities.

Basic Drawing Commands
AutoCAD uses certain commands for drawing various structures as and when required. Since the main purpose of this software is to draw structures such as bridges, buildings, electrical wirings, electronic gadgets, etc, therefore each requires different commands for drawing.

Basic Editing Commands
Drawing structures will definitely need editing at a certain point in time. Hence, there are special commands for those purposes also. So our next step in training involved the introduction of those specific editing commands to the individuals who are a part of the training. These commands are often called modifying commands too.

Fastening Operation Commands
Next, there are commands that help in fastening the other commands and components of the software. Out course of training on AutoCAD introduces to this concept at a later stage, only after the basic commands have been grasped by the learners.

Introduction to 3D modeling
AutoCAD is used for both 2D and 3D modeling of structures. However, 2D modeling is quite easy and doesn’t involve complexities which are a vivid part of the 3D modeling. The parameters to be considered are more in number and hence drawing such strictures requires specific skills. So, after you have learned the 2D modeling, you will be introduced to the advanced set of 3D modeling.
Thus, AutoCAD is a very useful tool, and with our training course, you are likely to make your place in the world of technical drawing for engineers and architects.


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