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4G LTE Fundamentals Training and Certification is an extensive review of LTE innovation essentials. It will assist you in gaining essential abilities which are required to develop and redesign. It furnishes you with a top to the bottom comprehension of LTE frameworks, LTE evolution range design, air interface conventions and strategies. LTE-Advanced is a further development of LTE, an OFDMA-based technology, indicated in Release 8 and 9, which is supported by a vast ecosystem of producers and administrators worldwide and has officially ended up being the cutting-edge global technology.

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Having a strong knowledge of wireless communication systems is compulsory. Rest there are no other pre-requisites required for the same.

Our Course Content

We initiate our course with a brief Overview of LTE-Advancedwherein we will launch our classes with the backward compatibility with LTE, LTE-Advanced features, IMT-Advanced and LTE-Advanced. Also, some others classes are subsequently beginning with the LTE-Advanced Network Architecture that covers the LTE Advanced features and performance (R10, R11 and beyond), release 10/11 architecture, LTE Advanced relaid and enhanced HeNB in version 10 and beyond.

Some other modules are there that deals with the brief introduction to the LTE-Advanced Enhancements, Self-Organizing Networks and Heterogeneous Networks in LTE-Advanced wherein we will learn about the release ten air interface enhancements, carrier aggregation in LTE-Advanced, scheduling for component carriers and enhanced multiple antenna techniques for DL and UL.

Moreover, other areas so dealt are the concepts behind Carrier Aggregation and Enhanced MIMO, LTE Advanced operational procedures and LTE Advanced enhancements towards 5G that would cover the femto enhancements, different types of communications such as machine type (MTC) and IoT, proximity services (ProSe), user equipment (UE)upgradations, self-optimizing network (SON) technical support system, heterogeneous networks (HetNets) mobility and many more.

Benefits of our course to the individuals

  • An individual can very quickly identify enhancement requirements for LTE systems to support LTE-Advanced features.
  • This course can further help an individual to have in-depth knowledge regarding the VoLTE and LTE technologies.
  • An individual can use the Apex to send and receive the mail.
  • An individual can use explore the role of LTE systems in future M2M and IOT deployments.
  • Our course will help an individual to summarise architectural enhancements relative to Release 8.
  • Our course will provide a better understanding of the fundamentals of LTE frequency bands and resource blocks.
  • With the help of this course, an individual will be able to explore migration strategies for LTE-Advanced implementation and deployment.

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